Spark AR Creator Day Boston

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Thu, May 27, 6:30 PM (EDT)

About this event

Sign up now for the Spark AR Creator Day Boston and get inspired to design, build and publish augmented reality effects on Facebook and Instagram! Join an interactive, two-hour virtual workshop, where an expert creator will walk you through how to publish an immersive Spark AR effect and answer your questions. You'll have the opportunity to ideate, create and showcase your own effects on the Instagram platform.

Spark AR Creator Days are short, virtual workshops, led by AR experts designed to inspire and challenge creative professionals and AR enthusiasts how to design, build and publish AR effects using Facebook’s Spark AR platform.

As a participant, you’ll have access to individual and small group coaching, plus helpful resources to help move your own AR ideas from concept to completion. Space is limited, sign up today!

The Spark AR Workshop: 

Lianne Tokey, Digital Artist, Spark AR Official Partner, and the founder of Motionography is excited to share a complete walk through on how to use procedural animations in your Spark ar effect to bring static elements to life in your scene. In this workshop, Lianne will cover her workflow, from best practices when creating art elements, to layout considerations when designing for immersive space. She will show you how to add looping animations that play out sequentially by using the animation patches in the patch editor. Lianne will also share her go-to list of easy-to-add visual elements in Spark that can be applied to any effect to add that extra detail to take your Spark AR effects to the next level!

Pre-workshop Requirements and Resources:

Go to this link:


To fully participate in this workshop, here are the tools you'll need besides a Facebook account. Your FB account is used to sign in to Spark AR Studio, and to publish your effects.

Spark AR Studio by Facebook - this is the software used to create effects for Facebook and Instagram

Spark AR Hub - this is where you will upload your effect, view insights and track activity

Spark AR Player for Android and iOS - used to preview your effects in real-time through your phone


Taco Time Textures - Asset pack: this includes all of the textures you'll need to re-create the Taco Time effect! Please go to this link to download the asset pack!

Here’s the effect test link so you can see what you will be working on during the workshop:

Post-Workshop Showcase

Join the Spark AR Creator Days Facebook Group to share your new Instagram effects created during the workshop and get more feedback!

Workshop Agenda

  • Event kick-off and intros (15 min)
  • Guest Speaker AR Journey (15 min)
  • Spark AR Demo & Tutorial (30 min)
  • Design Jam Kick-off and Creator Pods in Breakout Rooms (40 min)
  • Publish Spark AR Effects and Showcase Your New Instagram Effect (20 min)

About Spark AR

Spark AR is the largest platform for mobile augmented reality. Over 400,000 creators from 190 countries use Facebook’s AR creation software, Spark AR Studio, to ideate, design and build AR experiences. And Spark AR Hub, to publish and track the performance of AR effects across the Facebook Family of Apps and devices.

Event Partner: Motionography

Motionography is a Canadian-based agency specializing in immersive art experiences.

Event Host: Facebook Developer Circles Boston

Developer Circles are communities of innovators, where experienced developers receive free opportunities to strengthen their expertise in Facebook products. Take part in online discussions and attend local meet-ups by joining one of hundreds of circles around the globe.

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  • Lianne Tokey

    Lianne Tokey


    Spark AR Program Manager

    Lianne Tokey is the Spark AR Program Manager at Facebook and a digital media artist specializing in creating effects for the Instagram camera. Her background is in Fine Art from the University of Toronto, and she has extensive experience working as a Graphic Designer with Fortune 500 companies. After creating Facebook Frames for profile photos used billions of times, she was accepted into the I...

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