Spark AR Creator Days Thailand

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May 1, 2021, 6:00 AM – May 2, 2021, 8:00 AM

About this event

This event has switched to Zoom, please check your email for updated link.

Sign up now for the Spark AR Creator Days Thailand and start learning how to create and share augmented reality effects on Facebook and Instagram. Join an interactive, 2-Da virtual workshop, where an expert creator will walk you through how to publish an immersive Spark AR effect and answer your questions. You'll have the opportunity to ideate, create and showcase your own effects on the Instagram platform.

This 2-Day Event will be bilingual and hosted in both English and Thai.

Spark AR Creator Days are short, virtual workshops, led by AR experts designed to inspire and teach creative professionals and AR enthusiasts how to design, build and publish AR effects using Facebook’s Spark AR platform.

As a participant, you’ll have access to individual and small group coaching, plus helpful resources to help move your own AR ideas from concept to completion. Space is limited, sign up today!

Workshop วันที่ 2

เรื่อง Create AR Clothing



Day 2 Workshop Topic : Create AR clothing

  • Download workshop files before the event starts:
  • Please wear Colorful clothes (Blue, Green, Purple t-shirts and tops work best)
    • Recommendation: save and prepare fun or beautiful videos on your smartphone. Examples: videos from your own gallery or videos you captured from other sources. Don't be afraid to be crazy creative!
  • In addition to that, you will need the latest Spark AR version:
  • Connect it to your Facebook (mandatory) and your Instagram account (optional)
    • Make sure you can preview the AR effects using Facebook or Instagram 

Post-Workshop Showcase

Join the Spark AR Creator Days Facebook Group to share your new Instagram effects created during the workshop and get more feedback!

2-Day Workshop Agenda

Day 1 - Spark AR Inspiration: Saturday, May 1st, 1:00 - 3:00 pm (Thailand local time)

  • Event kick-off and greetings by Facebook Developer Circles Bangkok (5 min)
  • Intro to Spark AR (10 min)
  • Keynote: AR Creator Journey by Dingmint (30 mins)
  • Keynote: AR Creator Journey by Holowisp, Creative AR Agency (30 mins)
  • Panel Discussion with Dingmint and Holowisp - Moderated by Facebook Developer Circles Bangkok Leads (15 min)

Day 2 - Design and Publish Your Spark AR Effect: Sunday, May 2nd, 1:00 - 3:00 pm (Thailand local time)

  • Spark AR Demo & Tutorial (30 min)
  • Design Jam Kick-off and Creator Pods in Breakout Rooms (60 min)
  • Publish Spark AR Effects and Showcase Your New Instagram Effect (30 min)

About Spark AR

Spark AR is the largest platform for mobile augmented reality. Over 400,000 creators from 190 countries use Facebook’s AR creation software, Spark AR Studio, to ideate, design and build AR experiences. And Spark AR Hub, to publish and track the performance of AR effects across the Facebook Family of Apps and devices.

Event Partners: Holowisp

Holowisp is a creative XR agency focusing on interactive marketing, digital art and immersive social projects. The Holowisp team creates native AR experiences, leveraging all the AR platform benefits to best serve innovative brands. The agency strives to always push the limits of the AR medium for awe inspiring experiences.

Event Host: Facebook Developer Circles Bangkok

Developer Circles are communities of innovators, where experienced developers receive free opportunities to strengthen their expertise in Facebook products. Take part in online discussions and attend local meet-ups by joining one of hundreds of circles around the globe.

To join the Facebook Developer Circles Bangkok community, you can request an invite here.


  • Florian Sabatier


    Director and AR/VR Designer

  • (Mint) Siwaporn Artsomsup


    Freelance Spark AR Creator

  • (Earth) Pakawat Korsriphitakkul



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