Samsung 837 x Spark AR Creator Days

About this event

Join us at Samsung 837 to learn about the current innovations in Spark AR creation.

Samsung has partnered with Spark AR to meet and learn from innovating AR trailblazers and boundary-pushing creators working in this everchanging and exciting field.

The series begins Friday evening with an overview of each creator's specialties and interests in the field, followed by hands-on experience with each creator in intimate workshops on Saturday and Sunday. That's where you get the chance to design and publish your own AR effects.

Each week there will be interactive in-person workshops, where an expert Spark Partner Network creator will walk you through how to publish an immersive Spark AR effect and answer your questions. You'll have the opportunity to ideate, create and showcase your own effects on the Instagram platform. Limited seats available. Event is only opened to registrants who can attend the in-person event.

Sign up now for the Samsung 837 Creator Days workshops and get inspired to design, build and publish augmented reality effects on Instagram!


Weekend One: July 22 to July 24 | Storytelling

  • Friday, July 22 @ 6:00pm | Keynote from creators Eddy Adams and Manuel Borrero Rios

  • Saturday, July 23 @ 1:00pm | Creator Workshop: Character/Avatar Effect lead by Manuel Borrero Rios (@ManuBorrero). RSVP above

  • Sunday, July 24 @ 1:00pm | Creator Workshop: 3D Assets & Texturing lead by Eddy Adams (@Eddyin3D). RSVP above

Weekend Two: August 5th to August 7th | Beauty and Fashion

  • Friday, August 5 @ 6:00pm | Keynote from creators Paige Piskin & Piper ZY
  • Saturday, August 6 @ 1:00pm | Creator Workshop lead by Paige Piskin (@PaigePiskin). RSVP above
  • Sunday, August 7 @ 1:00pm | Creator Workshop: The Re-design Point by Piper ZY (@Piper.KJ). RSVP above

Weekend Three: August 19th to August 21st | AR as a Career

  • Friday, Aug 19 @ 6:00pm | Keynote from creators Helena Dong (@Helena_dong) and Alexis Zerafa (@alexiszerafa)
  • Saturday, Aug 20 @ 1:00pm | Making Your First Branded Effect by Alexis Zerafa (@Alexiszerafa). RSVP above.
  • Sunday, Aug 21 @ 1:00pm | 1920s Flapper Makeup by Paige Piskin (@PaigePiskin). RSVP above


Helena Dong (@Helena_Dong) Helena Dong is a designer and creative technologist based in NYC, interweaving conceptual undercurrents from fashion, performance and augmented reality. Central to her multidisciplinary practice is the speculation of future possibilities while distilling curiosity through customized interactions.

Alexis Zerafa (@AlexisZerafa) Alexis Zerafa is a maker—mostly of AR, sometimes pottery; glitter and iridescence are almost always involved. Her medium of choice fluctuates across visual design, physical fabrication, videography, and 3D modeling: all united through AR.

Paige Piskin (@PaigePiskin) With over 130 billion impressions, 690 million shares and 1mil+ followers on Instagram, Paige Piskin is one of today's leading AR Makeup and Character Creators. She has been named a "legend" in augmented reality by VICE, and has designed over 200 effects

Weekend Four: August 26th to August 28th | The Metaverse

More information to come!

Pre-workshop Requirements

  • Spark AR Studio installed (limited devices will be available)
  • Resources: Please download the Project Assets Pack for the workshop before joining the virtual event: The link will be updated to the event page pre-workshop.

What You’ll Need:

To fully participate in this workshop, please download these tools:

  • Your Facebook account is used to sign in to Spark AR Studio, and to publish effects
  • Spark AR Studio - this is the software used to create effects for Instagram
  • Spark AR Hub - this is where you will upload your effect and view insights
  • Spark AR Player for Android and iOS - used to preview your effects in real-time through your mobile phone
  • Sign up for a Sketchfab account


Samsung 837 (2nd Fl)
837 Washington St, New York New York10014