Spark AR Playtime: Mastering Ambient Social Experiences

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Apr 6, 2022, 1:00 – 3:00 AM

About this event

Sign up now for this advanced global Playtime Workshop and get inspired to design, build and publish augmented reality group effects on Facebook and Instagram! Join an interactive, virtual workshop, where an expert creator will walk you through how to publish an immersive Spark AR effect and answer your questions. You'll have the opportunity to ideate, create and showcase your own effects on Messenger or Instagram video calls.

Level: Advanced

AR/3D designers and creators of all levels are welcome to join!

What You’ll Learn

  • What defines an ambient experience in respect to a Multipeer video call experience?

  • Introduction to utilizing the Multipeer capability to synchronise data across participants

  • How to tell a story with Social AR without requiring that video call participants have to interact with your scene

  • Writing a basic SparkSL shader

  • Setting up SparkSL shader parameters that can pull in values from the patch editor

  • How to send patch graph values through patch bridging to a SparkSL shader params with the option picker

Pre-Workshop Requirements

  • Please download "Example Project" from here and open the finished (.arproj) project file before joining the virtual event

What You’ll Need: To fully participate in this workshop, here are the tools you'll need:

  • Your FB account is used to sign in to Spark AR Studio, and to publish your effects.
  • Spark AR Studio by Meta - this is the software used to create effects for Facebook and Instagram
  • Spark AR Hub - this is where you will upload your effect, view insights and track activity
  • Spark AR Player for Android and iOS - used to preview your effects in real-time through your phone
  • A Sketchfab account

Post-Workshop Showcase

Please join the Spark AR Creator Days Facebook Group to share your new Instagram effects created during the workshop and get more feedback!

About Spark AR

Spark AR is the largest platform for mobile augmented reality. Over 600,000 creators from 190 countries use Meta's AR creation software, Spark AR Studio, to ideate, design and build AR experiences. And Spark AR Hub, to publish and track the performance of AR effects across the Meta Family of Apps and devices.


  • Noland Chaliha

    Machine Learning Developer



Wednesday, April 6, 2022
1:00 AM – 3:00 AM UTC


Event kick-off and Intros
Guest Speaker AR Journey
Spark AR Demo & Tutorial
Design Jam Kick-off and Creator Pods in Breakout Rooms
Publish Spark AR Effects and Showcase Your new Instagram effect
Q&A and Closing

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