Spark AR’s Second Holiday Special: Create Festive 3D Effects

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Dec 14, 2021, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Create AR interactions that provide users with unforgettable AR experiences with Blagovest Dimitrov, Spark AR Studio creator. Both new and experienced AR/3D designers can benefit from this two-hour interactive event throughout this series of three FREE holiday workshops. Get started creating magical AR experiences today by joining all three workshops.

About this event

Theme: Snowflakes

Sign up to join this FREE interactive two-hour workshop to learn how to create animations based on hand tracking and face tracking interactions with augmented reality developer Blagovest Dimitrov. Blagovest is famous in the Spark AR Community with the first ever Instagram "Freckles" effect which is still used by millions of people - generating 18 billion impressions so far.

You will be creating effects alongside the best of the best in AR, plus you will get the chance to share your Spark AR effects with Blagovest and receive his advice and feedback! 

Students will learn how to create realistic snowflakes with particles, how to use and animate 3D models in your scenes and how to combine different patches. Advanced users will also learn a render pass command to produce multiple rendered results in your AR effect.

Your effects can be created, shared, and displayed on Instagram.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create realistic snowflakes with particles

  • How to combine different patches 

  • How to use and animate 3D models in your scenes

  • How to create animations based on hand tracking and face tracking interactions

What you’ll need

To fully participate in this workshop, here are the tools you'll need besides a Facebook account. Your FB account is used to sign in to Spark AR Studio, and to publish your effects.

Workshop Agenda

  • Event kick-off and intros (15 min)
  • Spark AR Demo & Tutorial (35 min)
  • Recap instructions & Q&A (10 mins)
  • Creator Pods by experience level in Breakout Rooms (30 min)
  • Publish Spark AR Effects and Showcase Your New Instagram Effect (15 min)
  • Q&A (20 min)

About Spark AR

Spark AR is the largest platform for mobile augmented reality. Over 600,000 creators from 190 countries use Facebook’s AR creation software, Spark AR Studio, to ideate, design and build AR experiences. And Spark AR Hub, to publish and track the performance of AR effects across the Facebook Family of Apps and devices.


  • Blagovest Dimitrov

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